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A quality, adjustable cap with the cute DUNGBEETLE logo embroidered onto it.  It would be handy to have in the float or glovebox for sunny or rainy days.

Strong. Colourful. Safer for Neddy

DUNGBEETLE is basically your ideal partner (who loves to help do the cleaning up)

Purple Horse Poop Scoop Long Handle/ pooper scooper
  • Strong

    DUNGBEELTE's are made here in Melbourne from low-density recyclable polyethylene – a material renowned for superior strength, durability, flexibility and UV resistance.  Handles are super-strong anodised aluminium. 

  • Safer for Neddy

    The thought of your horse accidentally putting its foot through a metal mesh scoop and getting gashed by sharp metal, or even just having a panic if it got a foot stuck in a metal cage is distressing to say the least! The DUNGBEETLE’s smooth plastic design and superior strength make it safer for accident-prone Neddy’s.

  • 9 Awesome colours

    Bored of staring down at ‘50 shades of brown’ during poo duty? The DUNGBEETLE brings a splash of colour to clean-up time. Our 8 funky colour options let you play matchy matchy with your tack - be the envy of the fashion-conscious equine set! DUNGBEETLE’s bright hues also help you spot where you last left it.

  • Saves sand and sawdust. Stow's neatly

    top wasting money throwing away bedding material and the arena surface!  The DUNGBEETLE has a specifically designed slotted base.  It’s like panning for gold - with a few simple shakes the nuggets are safely caught in the scoop and the sand stays behind.  The sweep with it’s cute DUNGBEETLE face, stows away snuggly in its specially designed moulded holder on the back of the scoop. No more tripping up over lost scoops!